The Assistant Deli/Seafood Manager works as part of the management team to provide quality products while ensuring that each customer receives “Extra Step” customer service.

Assist the Deli /Seafood Manager in running a smooth and efficient operation in accordance to Dierbergs policies and procedures

Assist in the training, development and motivation of al Associates assigned to the department to build a strong cohesive team

Oversee the presentation and quality of all food products in the deli

Ensure all food products prepared at store level are done according to the specifications to ensure quality, consistency, portion control and profitability

Maintain the department in a clean and sanitary condition while enforcing the adherence to proper food handling procedures

Go the Extra Step to ensure customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty

Assistant Deli/Seafood Manager candidates must have a strong ability to work well with people

Demonstrated ability to provide excellent customer service

They must demonstrate strengths in the following areas: work skills, written and verbal communication, problem solving, leadership, interpersonal skills and motivation

Have a strong knowledge of proper food handling and sanitation procedures/guidelines

Demonstrate a "passion" to work with food and enjoys working in a fast pace food service environment.

Candidates must be flexible to work a varied work schedule, including nights and weekends

Expectations for all Dierbergs Associates:
Conform to Dierbergs dress code, appearance, and personal hygiene standards. Visible tattoos must be covered and piercings, other than ears, must be removed.

Be flexible in scheduling (including weekends and holidays)

Maintain prompt, regular, and dependable attendance as scheduled

Comply with all federal, state, location regulations, and Dierbergs policies

Associates in food handling departments are required to receive a Hepatitis A vaccination

Job Functions for all Deli/Seafood Associates:
Provide “Extra Step” customer service to every customer

Promote products; utilize suggestive selling techniques to satisfy the customer’s needs

Work as a team to serve customers and complete job tasks

Process customer orders accurately by clarifying and checking for understanding

Operate and clean equipment safely according to training procedures, by reading warnings, and following instruction manuals. i.e., knives, slicers, fryers, rotisseries, skewers, ovens, frying pans, hot case, microwave oven, Rair oven, steamer, chicken warmer and case, hot food warmer, wrappers, cheese grater, and scales

Work in varied temperature controlled environments (refrigerator, freezer, and hot food preparation)

Prepare and cook products in warm kitchen with temperature of oil and ovens up to 500 degrees

Follow safe food handling guidelines whenever preparing food, according to S.A.F.E. program standards

Maintain appropriate temperatures and avoid cross-contamination for food throughout production process and storage

Prepare party tray orders, follow directions from food specification book or order form

Weigh, wrap, and label products using digital and manual scales

Cut meats and cheeses using electric slicers according to training manual and customer requests

Fill serving bowls with ready-made deli salads, and place in deli counter case

Rotate products and check expiration dates

Wash and sanitize dishes and utensils throughout shift

Keep area neat and sanitary by cleaning counter, food cases, floors, and windows using appropriate cleaning solutions.

Work actions require frequent standing, walking, bending, reaching, stooping, and squatting

Lift 5 to 30 lbs many times a day, including frozen seafood items

Occasionally lift products above head to retrieve and restock product on shelves

Occasionally lift products weighing up to 50 lbs. from floor to chest

Occasionally push/pull 4-wheel product-loaded carts weighing up to 250 lbs.

You may be cross-trained in other departments

Provide friendly “Extra Step” service to our customers

Read and locate basic information from food specifications books, follow recipes, charts, invoices, and temperature gauges

Use basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, conversions, and percentages

Understand use of weights and measures

Listen and communicate from verbal to written instructions

Use basic computer skills

Demonstrated the ability to work well with people in a group/team environment

Demonstrates strengths in the following areas: work skills, written and verbal communication, problem solving, leadership, interpersonal skills, and motivation

Possesses a strong knowledge of all work tasks related to the operation of the deli/seafood, or who has 2+ years of previous food service experience, preferably in a supervisor role

Has strong knowledge of proper food handling and sanitation procedures/guidelines

Demonstrates the ability to work safely and adhere to safety standards

Demonstrates a “passion” to work with food and enjoys working in a fast paced food service environment

Must be able to work the closing evening shift, including weekends, with the flexibility to work other shifts during training and/or staffing shortages

Focus of this position will be on Deli/Seafood products and operations

This position will back up Deli/Seafood Managers and Lead Assistant Deli/Seafood Managers

The goal is to place selected candidates at a location within or near their geographical area

This description is representative only and is not exhaustive of the tasks that an associate in the position may be required to perform.

Key words: food service, fast food, restaurant, food prep, cook, customer service, management, manager

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